Why have nightmares

Very often nightmares are caused by the physiological reasons – illness, pregnancy, high temperature, alcohol and certain medications, syndrome stop breathing during sleep, eating heavy and spicy food.

Nightmares also cause various emotional upheaval and traumatic events such as death, disaster, accident, act of terrorism, problems at work, divorce, change of residence, financial problems.

In some cases, the nightmares are due to hidden fears of the person hidden in his subconscious. Day by day these fears accumulate and manifest themselves during sleep. Very often, these fears come from early childhood of a person.

How to get rid of nightmares

Try to establish the cause of the nightmares, and eliminate it. If you are not able to identify the causes, please refer to the psychologist who will work with your inner phobias.

Before bedtime avoid negative external stimuli. First and foremost, this applies to serious films, news, computer games containing scenes of violence. Better to see a positive TV show, read a favorite book, listen to relaxing music.

Observe the hygiene of sleep – heavy night of dreaming can cause stuffiness and sharp sounds. Ventilate the bedroom, ensure silence and darkness, turn off the computer, TV and cell phone. Pay special attention to the quality of the mattress and the pillows – they must be eco-friendly and convenient.

To sleep became stronger in the evening drink some herbal tea with mint, motherwort, Valerian, hops. In any case, do not use bedtime alcohol!

To strengthen the nervous system, you can use essential oils lemon balm, bergamot, patchouli or sandalwood. Just don't overdo it – too strong smell of the oils can cause headaches.

To effectively get rid of the nightmares helps the physical fatigue. If you have sedentary work, not causing physical and mental fatigue, every evening before bedtime walk in the fresh air at least one hour.

Every night organize sessions of relaxation. Turn on relaxing music, rest comfortably on your back and imagine you are in a very pleasant location – on the seafront, in the woods, on the island, etc. Try to feel the breeze and the smells, hear the birds singing, feel the warmth of the sun. When you learn easy to immerse yourself in your favorite place, use this ability before going to sleep and the nightmares will cease to dream you.