For seed propagation of dracaena first you need to prepare the seeds. Soak in the stimulating solution to a temperature of about 30 ° C in the day. Then sowing into the ground. Prepared soil mixtures designed specifically for the palm plants are preferred. More convenient for planting to take disposable cups. Pour the soil after sowing, cover the Cup with plastic and place in a warm place.
Seeds will germinate in about 4-8 weeks. Keep the hatched shoots from direct sunlight and avoid extremes of drying out or waterlogged soil. Follow up care for the sprouts is reduced to feeding once a month, and transplant the plants when they reach the height of 4-5 cm.
Cuttings. For propagation by cuttings, select young strong stem, cut it into several sections, 3-5 cm in length with a sharp knife or razor. Make it so that for each of the segments of the stem was at least two eyes. On the one hand incise the bark on each stem and insert them into the prepared soil for young plants. Protect plants from direct sunlight, placing them in a warm place. Watch out for humidity. The first shoots will appear after 1.5-2 months. Often spray water to spray the leaves of young plants – they love it.
To propagate a dracaena third way, take a tip from the plants or the top cut from the parent plant. In its place, the new shoots will not be slow to appear. Put the cut tops in a glass or jar with water and mix in there a little bit of charcoal. After about three months, planted in the ground of the tops, when they will root.