You will need
  • - pot;
  • - the ground;
  • - sand;
  • water;
  • - drainage;
  • Bank;
  • - medium with phytohormones.
Carefully cut a small section from the top of the dracaena. Pour in a jar of water at room temperature, and at the bottom, pour a little sand. Place the appendage in a container. Monitor the condition of the flower: after a certain time it must take root.
If the process is good enough and strong, try to give him to take root in moist sand. To do this, handle the base with a special solution with phytohormones and plant in moist sand. As a primer you can purchase the ready mix in a flower shop. A container of sand should be slightly warm on the bottom.
Wait until the stem of dracaena are formed the cuttings 6-7 cm long, You can carefully separate them and replant in the ground. Choose not too large a pot, because an excessive amount of soil may lead to the death of roots.
If you transplant a dracaena rooted already, take a pot that matches the size of the plant. At the bottom put drainage, then fill the pot with soil halfway. Gently place the Orchid inside, trying not to damage the roots. Add the rest of the soil. Try to strengthen the soil around the roots tightly enough to dracaena is well kept. The rest leave loose.
If you have already established a process in the main pot, put it on when he's well enough. To do this, remove the Orchid from the pot and try to find the boundary between roots of the two plants. Gradually remove the ground on the border, and then disconnect the roots.