If you have bought a dracaena in a pot, then it should be transplanted into a slightly larger pot, without destroying the earth coma. Take the pot for planting, sprinkle it with a little drainage of expanded clay or gravel. Put the Orchidout of the old pot together with a clod of earth, and backfill soil mix for trees or land, cooked their own (equal parts of peat, humus, sand, turf and ground sheet).
How to plant <strong>Orchid</strong>
It happens that the dracaena is not sold in the form of the adult plant, and in the form of a thick stem. Carefully remove with a handle applied thereto the wax, clean the lower part with a knife and put the bone in a jar of water. The water layer should be 2-3 cm, it is better to put the jar in a warm place and add water any corporatewear, for example, Kornevin. When the handle will appear to the sprouts. It is possible to root in the substrate for palms or cooked earth, the top covered with a jar or transparent plastic.
How to plant <strong>Orchid</strong>
Keep a pot of dracaena under scattered sunlight, after drying of ground water. A month after rooting, do the first dressing with organic fertilizers. Then feed constantly – 1 time in 2-3 weeks. First, make organic fertilizers, and from mid-summer to late autumn mineral. Need to feed on the damp earth. Spray the leaves of dracaena. Once a year, re-pot it in a slightly larger pot.
How to plant <strong>Orchid</strong>