Signs, which do not recommend giving cacti

The cacti in the house spoil the character of the owner. At first glance, this popular superstition that seems pretty stupid. However, many did notice changes in the character of the people a lot of time to devote to the cultivation of thorny plants and care for them.

Another omen claims that if the girl got a cactus as a gift, she will gain family happiness. This superstition is due to the fact that the character of the owner of this plant can vary, meaning it may become more tough, active, or even more aggressive. Accordingly, such quality is unlikely to help the girl to become soft and loving wife.

It is believed that the cactus "expelled" from the house of men. To believe such accept or not – you decide. However, a lot of happy families bred these plants at home.

It is also believed that cactuses feel well and grow only where there is a congestion of negative energy. Conversely, in a house with a good atmosphere, these plants quickly wither. It is possible that this folk belief has some truth, because even in the last century botanists found the relationship of plant growth and energy background.

There is a belief that cacti are only suitable for people with power and tough in nature. In the East it is believed that different people suit different plants. It's possible that this sign also has a right to exist. Because the cactus is powered by negative emotions, from mild and good man he will not be able to fully.

However, the people involved in the breeding of these prickly plants, make fun of these signs. They claim that the cactus help to focus thinking, relieve fatigue, fatigue, headache, and just pleasing to the eye. And according to people who do yoga, the cactus belongs to the mystical plants. It teaches patience, and also contributes his energy to strengthen the body and spirit.

Who can you give a cactus?

If you believe the Eastern calendar, this prickly plant corresponds to the year of the Dragon. So it is perfect for people born in this year, especially in the period from mid-January to early February.

In addition, the cactus fits the melancholic and phlegmatic, as well as those who feel constant fatigue and lack of energy. It is possible that it will help its owner to recharge your batteries and become more active man.

However, before you give this plant, you need to think whether it is interesting as a present. Perhaps best to give the cacti only people who are fond of breeding houseplants, collect them. Indeed, despite the simplicity of the cactus, he still need at least minimal care.