Flowers for signs of the air element

Libra – romantic nature. The girls will be thrilled Gardenia, gladioli, freesia, orchids. This sign is ideal for any roses. An important feature: the bouquet should be symmetrical, neat and different interesting parts (e.g. flowers of unusual colors).

For Aquarius perfect violets, tulips, gerberas, daffodils, roses. Add the bouquet of herbs and smelling twigs. Choose from cascading bouquets, which a lot of curved lines.

Gemini is the most lowly in relation to colors sign. Girls love innovations, unexpected actions and decisions. You can feel free to give the Twins a fresh field bouquet, gladioli, carnations, peonies, and so Wonderful if the present will be kept in white, yellow, blue or purple colours.
The twins better not to give orchids – they have a sign with different energy. The scales do not present irises, forget-me-nots, gerberas. For Aquarius any bans do not exist.

The element of Earth: perfect flowers

Capricorn is ideal for bouquets without bright accents. The perfect colors are pinks, bright tulips, pink chrysanthemums. When choosing a gift, refrain from asters and bells.

Girl-Taurus loves nature. Therefore, when choosing colors, prefer subtle scents and calm shades. Buds should be large. As a gift perfect gladioli, roses, poppies, chrysanthemums. The design should not be pretentiousness. Better, if the package is inexistent.

Virgo prefer bouquets restrained and concise. A wonderful choice would be roses, lilies, peonies, carnations. The color scheme is preferable to withstand in blue, white, or greenish tones. Not present Virgins gladioli, gerberas, dahlias.

Floral preferences of the fire signs

For archers the best choice will be spring flowers. It tulips, freesia, daffodils, crocuses. Choose bright plants: purple and red. The design of the bouquet is better to create from natural materials such as rice paper, bark, etc.

Lions love big bouquets with a rich finish. However, all the flowers should be ideally suited to each other. The representative of the sign will be happy to receive a gift of long-stem roses, gladioli, tulips.
Flowers for the lions must be extremely fresh and perfect. This sign prefers bright colors: red, yellow, orange. They are associated with prosperity and wealth.

Arieses favorable to the roses, tulips, lilies. Advantage give flowers and bright colors. For a romantic gift as well to violet, lavishly decorated with beads, wire, tinsel. It is not necessary to present a gift of daisies, asters or dahlias.

Looking for water marks

Cancers will admire bright bouquet with a mysterious, delicate aroma. In special honor of Calla lilies, lilies and white lilies. Will also fit lilac white, Lily of the valley and snowdrops. Completely give up the idea to give carnation, peony and Mimosa.

Mysterious temperamental Scorpions and flowers prefer the same. The girl sign is a happy bouquet of dark peonies and roses. Also in high esteem, tiger lilies, daffodils, irises. Scorpios are categorically not suitable gladioli, dahlias, Mimosa, forget-me-nots.

Favorite colors of the Fish are delicate orchids and lilies. Also the sign is sympathetic to the daffodils, Mimosa, Phlox, peonies, and gladioli. Astrologers do not recommend to present the Fish tulips and gerberas.