Love slaves receive a minimum of relations in which they are composed. They do not know what a reciprocal feeling, often donating their time, to make concessions. This situation cannot be appreciated. After all, women want romance, mutual love, I want to please and give something to their feelings. If you have realized that you have become a slave of love, the first step towards healing is already done. And all you have to perform is not so much to stop to indulge the whims of a stranger.
If the man loves you, make him experience this feeling, or walk away from him. The first method is more complex, it requires a lot of time and energy. The second option will bring you pain, but you could compare the pain from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Yes, the discomfort is there, but because it saved your health or even life.
Decide to choose the first option – to change completely. After all, the one which you currently have, the man already knows. And not enough to change only the hairstyle, clothes, or style of behavior. You have become a completely different person, especially in relationships with your loved ones. Try to respond to everything in a new way: his behavior, to quarrel, that he's trying to manipulate you. Behave more calmly, don't show your feelings, why would you want it at any cost.
Start to develop themselves. This is one of the key points of your change. Become more knowledgeable, get a new hobby, learn to understand something new for themselves. Development should occur continuously, otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired result.
Well, if you chose the second option, dramatically tear the relationship. Change your phone number, ICQ, Skype, that he could not you to call or write. Of course, you dial cherished numbers also not worth it. It will be painful, but then you can start a new relationship that will allow you to experience the beauty of life. Besides the pain of separation lasts not so long, after a couple of months you move away from past troubles.
To survive this unpleasant period as painlessly as possible, load themselves with work. How often meet friends, try to diversify your life. And, of course, remember only the bad things that happened in your past relationship.