You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • account in social networks.
In many large cities there are shops selling old musical instruments. Every reputable outlets already have a website or at least page. To find it, just type in a search engine the name of the city and the keywords "used musical instruments" and "buying". If such a store exists, you will receive a link to the site. There you will find store address, telephone and conditions of the transaction.
If the tool is small, you can just take it to the shop. In some stores, the former owner pay the money immediately, in others – is given a receipt. The money you will get when you find a buyer. If you need to sell your piano or drum set, don't forget to ask about the conditions of export. Almost always pays for the transportation of store, but sometimes it makes the seller or buyer.
The announcement of the sale of musical instruments accept local and some regional Newspapers. The conditions of publication of such ads you will find in the publication. As a rule, paid ads, but such publication is not considered is, therefore, inexpensive. Write a short text. Specify which tool you sell, firm, year, serial number (if any), the estimated price, possible bargaining, as well as your phone.
On the Internet there are many sites with databases of selling and buying used musical instruments. They need to register, but the form is quite simple and not much different from registering on any forum. On some sites there is a special shape for sale, you can fill in the desired checkboxes. By the way, it makes sense to look at this website section "buy". It is not excluded that someone looking for such a tool that you would like to sell. Maybe the potential buyer lives in your city then the process becomes much easier. But even if wishing to buy your violin or guitar lives several thousand miles away from you, you can send him a tool with the help of firms providing courier services, or mail. Typically, in such transactions is provided in advance. Transport services are paid by the buyer.
Great opportunities for sale, purchase or exchange of musical instruments provided by social network. For example, in "Vkontakte" there are several communities of guitarists, where there is some very intense buying and selling acoustic and electric guitars. In the "Live journal" you can find the community of fans of classical music, which regularly buy and sell violins, flutes and other orchestral instruments.
Used musical instruments are willing to buy music schools, clubs and studios. You can call the Director. If the price is right, it will be the most convenient option for you. About transportation in this case, you think just do not have.