Stones brown shades suited for brown eye color

Jewelry with stones is made to make the image complete and harmonious. The girl with the brown eyes perfectly fit the stones in such colors as lemon, amber honey, Golden yellow or brown. For example, brown-eyed beauties can safely wear jewelry with a stone called "tiger eye". This stone has a Golden-brown color, so it will favorably emphasize the color of brown eyes.

Harmony in the appearance of a girl with brown eyes would also create semi-precious stone such as citrine. Due to the Golden-yellow color and vibrant hues, it will make the brown eyes look expressive and attractive. Citrine is often used in gold jewelry.

For brown eyes is perfect also this gem, as the hyacinth. This stone is of various colors: red brown, yellow, yellow-red. It is worth noting that the hyacinth are attributed magical properties, so brown-eyed girls can wear it as an amulet or talisman.

Other colors of stones that are suited to brown eye color

A perfect image of brown-eyed girls will help to create jewelry from such refined mineral like spinel. This stone in jewelry looks elegant and impressive, he will also emphasize the expressive brown eyes due to its color. Sniper it is colourless, red, yellow, green and other colors. Such stone as decorations appropriate in business and formal style. It should be noted also that sniper is quite rare mineral.

Brown-eyed girls also fit purple stones: amethyst, corundum, tourmaline, Charlie and others. Amethyst is very popular because it is extremely beautiful and durable and easy to care for them. This stone gives a number of useful properties, including magic, using the decoration with him as a talisman.

The blue stones are also suitable for brown eyes, they should include the gemstones sapphire, beryl, indicolite. In nature, the indicolite is found in such colors as: blue, dark blue and even black. It should be noted that this stone will not only create an elegant image, but also the indicolite is credited with medicinal properties. Most often jewelers use them in jewelry made of silver.

Thus, the warm colours of the stones are in perfect harmony with the color of brown eyes. The color of the stones, which contrasts with the color of girl's eyes, also makes the image of girls attractive in General.