Advice 1: What stones fit brown eyes

Well-chosen decoration make the appearance of girls is the most concise and vivid. Properly selected stone in jewelry, it appeals to the eye color and expressiveness of the eyes. It is therefore necessary to know which stones match the color of your eyes.
Sapphire is the perfect brown-eyed girls

Stones brown shades suited for brown eye color

Jewelry with stones is made to make the image complete and harmonious. The girl with the brown eyes perfectly fit the stones in such colors as lemon, amber honey, Golden yellow or brown. For example, brown-eyed beauties can safely wear jewelry with a stone called "tiger eye". This stone has a Golden-brown color, so it will favorably emphasize the color of brown eyes.

Harmony in the appearance of a girl with brown eyes would also create semi-precious stone such as citrine. Due to the Golden-yellow color and vibrant hues, it will make the brown eyes look expressive and attractive. Citrine is often used in gold jewelry.

For brown eyes is perfect also this gem, as the hyacinth. This stone is of various colors: red brown, yellow, yellow-red. It is worth noting that the hyacinth are attributed magical properties, so brown-eyed girls can wear it as an amulet or talisman.

Other colors of stones that are suited to brown eye color

A perfect image of brown-eyed girls will help to create jewelry from such refined mineral like spinel. This stone in jewelry looks elegant and impressive, he will also emphasize the expressive brown eyes due to its color. Sniper it is colourless, red, yellow, green and other colors. Such stone as decorations appropriate in business and formal style. It should be noted also that sniper is quite rare mineral.

Brown-eyed girls also fit purple stones: amethyst, corundum, tourmaline, Charlie and others. Amethyst is very popular because it is extremely beautiful and durable and easy to care for them. This stone gives a number of useful properties, including magic, using the decoration with him as a talisman.

The blue stones are also suitable for brown eyes, they should include the gemstones sapphire, beryl, indicolite. In nature, the indicolite is found in such colors as: blue, dark blue and even black. It should be noted that this stone will not only create an elegant image, but also the indicolite is credited with medicinal properties. Most often jewelers use them in jewelry made of silver.

Thus, the warm colours of the stones are in perfect harmony with the color of brown eyes. The color of the stones, which contrasts with the color of girl's eyes, also makes the image of girls attractive in General.

Advice 2: Which stone suitable for brown eyes

To choose jewelry with gemstones by zodiac sign, type, appearance or simply for the color of eyes. This approach is justified when the selection of earrings and pendants that draw attention to the face.
The owner of brown eyes can afford a bright visible stones saturated colors. First of all it concerns rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Like the precious stones of intense colors on the owner of the lighter eyes might look out of place to draw attention to herself. Brown eyes in this neighborhood look brighter and more interesting.
It is important to choose jewelry that will not look "aged". Pay attention to the decoration with bright, unusual combinations of different stones, and they don't have to be pretentious and overwrought. Do not choose dull, too transparent stones, on brown-eyed girls they look quite strange.
Some gems like would have been conceived especially for brown-eyed brunettes, first of all, it refers to an unusual black diamonds, which mixes poorly with less contrasting types of physical appearance.
Instead of emeralds and sapphires you can pay attention to semi-precious stones and jewelry with them usually feature a less conservative design and cost much less. Amethyst, charoite, tourmaline saturated colors (purple and violet shades) will make your eyes deeper and more expressive, colorful chrysoprase completely replace emeralds. Fancy Jasper dark shades looks particularly impressive on light skin. Glowing carnelian and matte light amber remarkably highlight the beauty of the not-too-dark brown eyes.
If you want to reduce the drama of his appearance, dim or brighten the color of your eyes, note the white or transparent stones and pearls. They look great in dark hair, softening the image. Bright stones are highlighted by the soft glow of the skin making it visually a little whiter. While dark-skinned girls such jewelry does not look worse, but quite different in appearance once there is a hint of something exotic and unusual.
It is advisable to go in search of the perfect jewelry in the clothes you plan to wear them. Depending on the type and color of fabric, stones can look more or less effectively, besides, it is very important that the texture of the decorations and material of the outfit combined. It's a shame when a mismatch of the shade of the clothes and ornaments of the past fades and looks won. Take note that the stones look different in daylight and artificial light.

Advice 3: What stones make jewelry

Precious stones are so large that you can make them a decoration, are rare. Therefore, most jewelry made from semiprecious and ornamental stones.
The ring is made of solid stone

Decoration of solid stones

This files most often of solid stone made bracelets, necklaces and rings, other jewelry already requires the involvement of metals in one form or another, to pin the stone on the body in the desired position. Bracelet and beads are used all the stones, both precious and semiprecious. Necklaces, bracelets and rings of precious stones are less common, as a large number of stones of this size in the world, and those that have, it is better to cut and paste in a frame of gold or platinum, rather than worn as a ring on your finger.

But semi-precious stones are often used for bracelets, necklaces and rings and an ornamental stone more often. You can buy such necklaces, bracelets and rings of amethyst, Topaz, malachite, jade, aventurine, and turquoise.

Particularly interesting are rings and rings made from solid crystals. Such crystals form the amethysts, geogory, citrine, quartz, rock crystal, Topaz, Morion, aventurine, chalcedonies, agates, opals, Jasper.
Crystals of citrine can attract wealth to its owner if he will wear a ring from them as often as possible.

In the practice of Feng Shui such clusters of crystals, called geodes, are paying very close attention. Experts say about the very strong impact of the rings upon his master and about their ability to fulfill desires. Especially often used in practices such crystal amethyst which is thought to be able to take care of all the negative energy, designed by his master. Crystals of amethyst can increase creativity and help with learning disabilities.

Beads and bracelets made of natural stone

Raised on strong thread bracelets and beads made of natural stones are rare and costly thing, like rings from a single crystal. So they are very common and there are a huge number of variations.

Beads and bracelets assembled from uncut stone chips and beads of different cuts. It is believed that the magical effect attributed to some of the stones, becomes clearer and stronger if the stone is not treated and is not enclosed in a frame. This applies to amber and pearls.
The pearls are very rarely used rims, as the value of the pearls in her perfect form, which should be visible from all sides.

Turquoise and coral are very often in the form of stone chips on long threads, as bizarre forms taken by these minerals, beautiful in its natural form.

Other stones for necklaces and bracelets often subjected to different cutting. The stones of this kind are more fakes than the stones in the frames, as busine easier to give the appearance of natural stone, but because of the low cost of these beads many do not pay attention to whether the natural stone.
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