Jewelry of colored stone can be combined with gems and diamonds. Today, high demand is for jewellery with coloured stones. I want to say that the selection of panels of colored stones is hard work. High demand products of colored stones are: earrings, necklaces, rings, cufflinks and so on. Colored stones look beautiful in a duet with the gold. Its luxurious transfusions attract their customers, especially the fair sex.

Pick jewelry with colored stones is not so simple. It should be remembered that an older woman can afford products with large stones, unlike the young girls who should choose jewelry with stones of smaller size. Also note that jewelry with colored stones should be matched to the color of the eyes. They will emphasize their radiance. For example, the green-eyed fit jewelry with emerald stones. Blue eye shade emphasize the aquamarine, turquoise, sapphire. And brown eyes will stand out with amber, citrine and tiger eye. Equally important is the skin color. With dark skin color is undesirable to wear jewelry with stones in lighter shades. Fair-skinned suitable transparent and translucent stones. But pearl and diamond jewelry can be worn all.

All this plays an important role combination of clothes and jewelry with colored stones. Each piece of jewelry is intended for use on certain occasions. For example, for sports and recreation, preferably just from wearing jewelry. To demonstrate their formal outputs.