Amber (jewelry) with it always in fashion. Most often it is framed in gold create a stylish and elegant decoration. Contraindications for wearing this stone does not exist. In addition, it is believed that it protects its wearer from troubles and misfortunes. And pregnant women amber helps deliver a healthy baby.
It is not customary to use amber jewelry for body piercing. The only exceptions are gold earrings for ears, encrusted this unusual stone.
Combine amber with silver, enamel, ivory, wood and precious stones. Insertion of the amber may have many different and bizarre forms.
Wear amber necklace (beads) to emphasize the tan of his skin.
Amber just enough to combine with the wardrobe. But there are certain rules. Classic amber yellow color should be worn with clothes of different shades of brown or green in color, this stone is as well profitable emphasize black or white suit.
Please note that the amber light tones more suited to blue eyes, brown-eyed and gray-eyed girls more than to face stone will be dark shades.
Avoid excess amber jewelry worn at the same time. To give your image a highlight, wear either a necklace or earrings, or brooch.