You will need
  • -statement of claim;
  • -a copy of the claim for each of the trial participants;
  • -copy of certificate of marriage;
  • -copy of certificate of divorce;
  • -copy of birth certificate of children;
  • -certificate of employment of the defendant on the wage;
  • -certificate from the passport office about the finding of the child a dependent of the claimant.
Refer to the experts who spetsializiruyutsya in matters of family relations. The lawyers constitute the statement about collecting of the alimony from the former spouse, as well as represent your interests in court.
Deciding to write your own statement to the court, you should take into account all the nuances that may arise in the future in order not to lose in money, if the former spouse change jobs, residence, or he will change the form of earnings.
Statement of alimony you must write on a sheet of A4 paper. To begin complete the "hat" claim.
In the upper right corner, specify the name of the court and the address where is located the court. If statement to write to a magistrate, specify the name and number of the judicial district.
Below, write your surname, name, patronymic and passport details. Be sure to include the address of their residence.
Write the details of your former spouse, namely his surname, name, patronymic, registration address and actual place of residence, if known.
In the text of the statement of claim write to someone asking to collect child support, enter the date of registration of your marriage with your spouse and the period in which you worked with him on a farm. If the spouse you divorced, then you should specify the date of divorce. Note in the statement how many children you have from joint marriage, their date of birth and surname, name, patronymic.
Further Express in writing the request for recovery in your favor of alimony in the amount which will be calculated from all types of income of the defendant, since the date when you filed a lawsuit.
Following is a list of all documents that you attach to your statement of claim. Put the date and your signature with details.
Serves prepared statement in court. Within five days of receipt of your claim in court, the judge must make a determination that will be the basis for instituting a civil process against your ex-spouse.