You will need
  • - notary failure;
  • - a statement to the bailiff the termination or suspension of enforcement proceedings;
  • - your passport;
  • - writ of execution;
  • - the voluntary agreement;
  • - birth certificate of the child.
Not to write a refusal to pay alimony, do not apply to the court and not make a voluntary agreement about their recovery. But if bodies of guardianship and guardianship will check your circumstances and content of the minor child and it turns out that he needs something, and alimony you receive, you will be forced forced to seek recovery of child support or will be considered a termination of your parental rights.
If you made a voluntary agreement to pay child support, you can go to the notary and to make a voluntary waiver of their payment. Motivate this by the fact that you can support the child and do not need additional financial support. Tell us your name, details of the Respondent name of the person in whose favor alimony paid. Write that you refuse receiving salaries, reason and timing, if the failure is temporary.
If the alimony paid under a court order, contact the court bailiffs and write a statement about the termination of enforcement proceedings (article No. 43 of the civil code), enter the reason for suspension of recovery of alimony. If a waiver is temporary, specify the time of suspension of proceedings to recover alimony.
You can pause or stop the Executive manufacture on collecting of the alimony, to write a notarized voluntary waiver of the payment, but all your actions are illegal. Besides, if you today wrote a failure or has suspended the enforcement proceedings, it does not deprive you tomorrow to apply to their recovery.
Do not forget that depriving persons held under the scrutiny and tutelage of the state on the contents and to a decent life, you run the risk that you will lose the right to fulfill the legal obligations of the parent, guardian or representative. You can start legal proceedings regarding the waiver of alimony. So think carefully before you write the waiver or to terminate the enforcement proceedings.