How to make a will

Any citizen having the right of ownership to the house is free to dispose of their property as it sees fit, even during his lifetime. For this it is necessary only to draw up and execute a will, that it subsequently became a reason for dispute among the heirs at law. It is therefore necessary in advance to go to the notary and pre-discuss with him the details of the procedure. Participation in the preparation of a will the notary will eliminate the need for legal review of the text of this document, a guarantee of correctness of it.

The notary can act as a witness only in the presence of the testator. To transfer this right to another person acting on the attorney General even impossible. In addition, on behalf of the testator can only be one individual. In the case when the testator has a spouse, minor or disabled family members, elderly parents or other dependents, they will in any case have a share in that property, which he wants to pass by will. In accordance with the legal provisions, the share for each would be less than 50% of the money they deserve as rightful heirs.

What are the documents required for the approval of a will by a notary

In addition to the text of the will, in which you must paint, which of your heirs gets what part of your house or it all, the notary will need to submit the documents:

- your original passport;
- the list of all mentioned in the will of the heirs indicating their full names, patronymics and surnames, places of birth and addresses where they are permanently registered;
- identification documents to the house that you want to transfer by will.

This document is currently the State certificate on the property right. You should verify that all address the technical and cadastral data for the building listed in the will, coincide with those that appear in the title document.

To avoid the possibility of contesting your will, the heirs at law, it is better to attach to the document a medical certificate confirming that you have acted in sound mind and not under the influence of psychotropic drugs, drugs and alcohol. The devisor, whose age exceeds 70 years, it should be done mandatory. Note that if the notary will have doubts that the decision will be made that you are under pressure from stakeholders, it has the right to refuse the assurances in this document.