Before any trip to a great distance, a pregnant woman should visit a doctor. The most good period to travel the second trimester of pregnancy – from the fifteenth week on the twenty-fourth. This period is stable, the risk of miscarriage is minimal, the woman feels good. It is not tormented by the fatigue and nausea in the first trimester, and such troubles as back pain, heartburn or hemorrhoids, begin only after the sixth month of pregnancy.

A change of scenery, new impressions, pleasant impressions from the trip pregnant only benefit. But nothing spoils a trip, it is necessary to correctly relate to the choice of method of transportation. Most pregnant women tend to choose train travel – it seems to them most convenient and safe compared to other modes of transport. Before the trip, definitely consult your doctor.

Why the gynecologist can dissuade from traveling

Specify when the visit to the gynecologist if you have any problems which could prevent to make the trip by train. If a history of premature birth, preeclampsia, spontaneous abortion, cervical insufficiency, it is unlikely that you should embark on a distant road.

The most attractive for a pregnant consider a transport train. Gynecologists generally have a positive attitude to this method of movement, if women do not exist disease and / or complications. The train will not have to severely limit physical activity, as in the movement of the car, and do not need to endure until the next stop, if there was a desire to visit the toilet, as you have to do during the bus ride.

How to make travel more convenient

Trip in the car for pregnant women in General, it is quite comfortable. Buying a ticket, try to get a place where under the car has no wheels. You can, of course, a little bother to jiggle the car seat sometimes seems inconvenient, for traffic space is limited, but it is easy to overcome. Will ask for an extra blanket, which will help you to get more comfortable. To limber up a little, you can slowly walk around the car.

It is not recommended to travel by train those women who have severe anaemia, diabetes or heart failure. For those who still dare to such a method of transportation, it is recommended to stock up on a certificate from a gynecologist which States what the term of pregnancy, and it is written approximate date of delivery.