To do in Word contents, type the text and enter the name of each section. As you work you can update your table of contents automatically.
Select the section titles which should be reflected in the content. In Word 2007, 2010 and later, select "Paragraph". In the dialog that appears, locate the line "level" and click on required value. If your text contains Chapter headings, subheadings and further sub-items, you need several levels in the TOC. Repeat the procedure for each header.
When quite a lot of headers, each formatted quite uncomfortable. To facilitate the work will help the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Clutching it, you can select with the mouse the text you want in small portions, after which to call the tab, "Paragraph" for the relevant changes.
Place the cursor in the place where you want to place the contents. To create an automatic table of contents, select the tab "References" at the top of the editor word section table of contents. Choose the appropriate option and click on it.
So easy to make in Word the content in automatic mode. In the same tab, you can modify its parameters (location of page numbers, addition of hyperlinks to the sections, the number of levels, styles, etc.).
To make beautiful content in the editor the word is possible through the same tab manually. Title of chapters and sections in this case, you will need to enter on their own.
Ready-made content, you can automatically change the page numbers. You just need to click on it right button mouse and choose in the opened window "Update field". If you have changed the names of the sections of your content, you can make changes to them in the content. Otherwise, it is enough to update the numbering.
Ready-made content can be formatted in accordance with your requirements. To change paragraph indents, spacing, alignment on the page, you need to select "Paragraph" in the main section of the editor. To change the size, color and style of the font, click the Font tab. Thus, you can make in Word the content of any.