You will need
  • - course work;
  • computer.
Complete course work in accordance with the standards. Every University may have their own requirements. Please review them before you begin to format the text. If no special requirements, align the text on both sides. Dimension fields. Most often, the left margin is 3 cm, right — 1, or 1, 5 see Put a size 12 or 14 and a half interval. As a rule, the sections begin on a new page. Don't forget to number the pages.
Many text editors allow you to create table of contents automatically. If you use Open Office, look in the top menu section "Insert", and in it the line "Indexes and tables". Set the desired parameters. A similar insert exists in other editors, but many prefer to create a table of contents manually. On a separate sheet write down in a column the names of the main sections. This is the introduction Chapter of the main text, conclusion, conclusion, bibliography, application. If necessary, under the chapters of the main text write the headings.
Opposite the name of each part select the page number with which this part begins. In order for the column with the number of pages is smooth, make the content in the form of columns or tables. The string "Column" is under "Format", and table - one section top menu. The word "Content" or "contents" in all capital letters, enter the table with two or three columns and the desired number of rows. Right column make very narrow, as well as the left, if any. Column where you will write the names of the chapters, let it be broad. Set the cell size to match the line spacing interval of the entire work. In the broad field write the numbers of chapters and sections, in narrow room page. In some cases, still required a narrow left column to sequence number. Remove the border of the table.