The peace of mind your family is the main motive for the attempt to establish a relationship with the mother, as well as your well-being and the welfare of your wife and her mother. And most importantly, to find a common language with the mother is not so difficult.

Try to listen

There is nothing strange in the fact that older people try to teach youth. Even if the Soviets Tiffany seem more than awkward, still listen to them very carefully and seriously. Don't interrupt, don't shout about the fact that you still make it your own. You can disagree with it and do whatever you want. But if you concur, the problem will be almost solved, forget about it.


Is sometimes interested in the health of mothers your wife. Periodically ask how she's doing. You need to give her more attention and she will notice it and attitude towards you will change gradually. But, of course, not immediately.

Mother-in-law is also a woman

You do occasionally indulge the spouse? And about his mother-in-law do not forget. Treat it in a normal day, give the gift of flowers or a box of chocolates. You probably remember about it only on the day of birth or on the eighth of March. We all know that it is incredibly nice to receive gifts for no reason. So if you're his wife a bouquet, bother and mother-in-law to please. It will please her, though she may never have served.

Make her your wife plans

It is not necessary to tell his mother about all your Affairs, but sometimes sharing plans still stands. Mom would understand that you go to the contact. It's also interesting how you care for her daughter and she, of course, I want to know if her child lives with you.

Without jealousy

Even if you think that the wife spends too much time with mom, do not worry. Your mother - in-law the closest relative for your wife. Just explain to the wife that you don't like it, not a roll in this scandal.

Do not scold the wife

When beloved mother must only compliment, even if at the moment she doesn't really deserve it. To Express their dissatisfaction wife better alone, but to tell the mother that her daughter is the best cook on the planet, so it's always welcome. These conversations will benefit all.