Do not be jealous daughter to her husband. Often the meddling mother-in-law in family life, young is associated with jealousy: mother think the son-in-law takes away her love and attention to her child, destroys the relationship between them. Get: married, the girl does not cease to be a daughter is not worse to treat their parents. Yes, she loves her husband, but loves you. When you understand this, your attitude towards the son-in-law will surely change for the better.
Stop trying to take care of his daughter. Parents sometimes think their children will always remain children, regardless of age. Do not interfere in the lives of the young: they are adults and able to sort out their relationship. Give advice only when it is asked for. A good son-in-law will be able to appreciate the wisdom of my mother in law and try to achieve your location.
Think about what your daughter fell in love with her husband. Maybe he's a caring, good family-oriented, handy, smart, knows how to protect your family? Look for his positive qualities and try to love the son-in-law as he is. Do not to focus on their shortcomings: they have each person, and your daughter's husband is no exception.
If you and son-in-law conflicts often arise – try to talk to him, analyze the situation. Don't insult or criticize, just calmly talk. As a result, you will be able to understand how to behave with his son and he how to treat you. When you stop to annoy each other, love son-in-law will become much easier.
Change the attitude to the husband of his daughter. Try to not see it as a stranger, took you have your baby and son. Understand this: he's chosen your daughter, the father of your grandchildren. Take it as you would your own son, with all its advantages and disadvantages. Let the son-in-law to call you mum: it will strengthen your relationship.