Life in Moscow

Moscow – a huge, very quick, even rapid city, where it is always full active life. It all are more pronounced: higher wages, more opportunities, wider opportunities, better standard of living. But in other side this rule works: in Moscow, more noise, more people, housing, and many things more expensive and life more difficult. To feel in Moscow as at ease, need to be motivated, ambitious, assertive man. No wonder many visitors are called Muscovites "boors", but it's not that residents of the capital are impolite, they simply have less time, they are immersed in the bustling life and do not want to be distracted. Someone a lifestyle choice, it is contraindicated.

Moscow can not boast of a perfect climate, but compared to the Northern capital, he wins. There is a mild winter and warm summer, the well-defined seasons without the extremes. Severe cold are rare, and extreme heat. It rains, as expected, in autumn and spring, without having to bother. The air here is drier than in Peter, and it is also a question of taste. Some people live well in a dry climate, which is particularly suitable for the treatment of diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system. Others can not tolerate dry, it irritates the mucous membranes, dry skin, and can cause diseases of the nose and throat.

About the work in Moscow to tell apart – the capital is really the average salary is 20% higher than in St. Petersburg, and the employment market developed a little better. To find a job is not difficult: the higher the experience the more opportunities. But have to pay more: public transport is more expensive, housing also costs money, many services are too expensive. And on a cultural level, the capital is lagging behind: despite the fact that there are plenty of theatres, museums and other cultural institutions, a much larger number of inhabitants compared to Petrograd prefer to spend their free time watching TV. But the lovers of night parties and clubs like it here, in St. Petersburg less possibilities for active night life.

Life in St. Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg – the cultural capital of Russia, and that's it. Local residents are twice as likely than in Moscow (according to statistics), I go to the Opera, museums, exhibitions, theatres. There are arts festivals, world-famous exhibitions, various cultural events, there is the famous Hermitage, there is founded by Peter the great Kunstkamera. Finally, the entire Central part of the city can be called a Museum under the open sky, which keeps the memory about the architecture of old times.

In St. Petersburg a more measured and leisurely life, in the subway and in public places people move slower. The closer to tourist attractions, the smoother becomes the walk people.

In St.-Petersburg the property is worth almost twice cheaper, than in Moscow. And the employment market developed well – vacancies less than in the capital, but plenty of both for the citizens and for visitors.

A very significant drawback – Peter weather, although there are fans who praise eternally overcast sky, dark days and chilly wind. Nearby is the Gulf of Finland, the winds which are forced to be chilled to the bone even during mild winters. In the winter the sun is very small, from a lack of vitamin D affects many local residents. But Peter is the famous white nights and summer day lasts for a long time, making up for the lack of sun.