Sample questionnaire

Application form filled in Latin letters. At the points where you want to specify a name, you should register them identical to the data in the passport. In the item "Surname at birth, if the surname was changed, then indicate old, if not, then write as in the passport.

Date of birth is numeric, the place and country of birth are written exactly the same as in the passport. Then specify your current nationality, nationality at birth, gender, marital status at the time of filling out this application.

Item 10 is filled in only if this questionnaire is intended the minor to the applicant, and then here prescribed both of his parents and their place of residence. In paragraph 11 under the identification number refers to the Russian parent's passport. Further to paragraph 16 are filled with data from the passport.

In the "Home address" register the address where actually live. If you are in another country which is not your country of citizenship, in paragraph 18 you must put a check mark opposite to the column NO. The following paragraphs contain information about your job, position, place of work and contact details of the employer. Next, fill out the purpose of the trip and indicate the country of destination, or list all countries if you plan to visit several.

Next, indicate the first country where you first crossed the border, indicate the Type of visa in this case - Schengen. Be sure to indicate the number of days you plan to stay in Hungary, then fill in the information about Schengen visas for the last three years.

Opposite a point about the fingerprints mark the box NO, that is the lack of them. Then specify the dates of entry and exit into the country. Entry permit completed if required. Then write down the address where you will be living in Hungary, if it is a hotel, indicate its address and contact details. Next comes a paragraph on the receiving side in Hungary – it is necessary to specify the person who invited you, or institution. If there are none, just specify the hotel where will be staying.

Then filled a paragraph about who pays the costs of you stay in Hungary. In paragraph 37, and then on the very last page of the questionnaire filling must put his signature.

Requirements for travel to Hungary

Your passport validity should be more than enough for at least three months from the date of completion of the trip. Along with the application form for a Schengen visa is required to fill in the questionnaire of the tourist. You should also prepare 2 color photos, copies of Russian passports, documents about the financial guarantees.

Practice shows that the Schengen visa is a complex process, where each Embassy has its own nuances. A reasonable option would be to contact immediately the organization that provides assistance in preparing all the documents for a Schengen visa.