Valid forВ this section visa the territory in which the visa is valid. If the visa is to visit any of the Schengen countries, there will be written "Schengen country" on the language of the country that issues the visa. If the visa is issued to visit only one country, the point code of this country.
From... UntilЗдесь specified start and end date of validity of the visa. The first date is the one with which you can enter the country, the second date is the one to which the country should leave. Do not confuse the time of visa issuance and the start time of its validity. Visa is mostly issued before begins its term. A journey you can start on the date specified in the “From”field.
Number of entriesЗдесь specifies the number of entries permitted by that visa. The options are the following: 01 (one) 02 (two), MULT (unlimited number of entries). A transit visa is possible only 1 or 2 entry. When the number of visits has been exhausted, the visa is no longer valid for entry, even if the expiry date is over. Considered only the intersection of the borders of the Schengen area – inside it you can navigate without limitations.
Duration of stay ... daysЗдесь write the number of days of stay in the Schengen countries. This is the total number of days during which you can stay on a visa in a Schengen country, as long as the expiration date.
Please note that visas with a validity of 6 months and more represents the number of days you can spend in the Schengen countries within six months. In other words, if a visa issued in the year specified number of days "30", this means that you can spend in the Schengen area for 30 days in the first six months, and 30 days - in the second. Keep in mind that any taken six months in the Schengen countries, you can not be more than 90 days. This rule applies to the stay in the Schengen countries, including for any tourist or guest visas.
Type of visaЗдесь indicate the type of visa that can be: A (a transit visa for the airport, Russian citizens in need), B (transit), C (conventional tourist, guest and so on the visa), D (long-term national visa).
Issued in Optdesc written the place and date of issue of the visa, namely the city, the consular service which has issued the visa.
Number of passportЗдесь the number of your passport.
Surname, palettes specify your surname and name. Middle name or middle initial visas are not specified.
RemarksЗдесь write additional information for internal use by the border guards and Consulate, for example, "non-professional" – "non-working".