You will need
  • - the form of questionnaire;
  • - the passport;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - fountain pen.
Statement fill in by hand or on the computer. If you write by hand, take the blue or black paste. Printed pages can be filled with one or two sides.
Specify the name and surname in Latin letters, as in the current passport. Place of birth, if possible, should also write in Latin letters. The remaining paragraphs fill in the usual Cyrillic.
In the column country of birth write the USSR if you were born before 1992.
Enter the official marital status. Civil marriage is not official.
Application form for Schengen visa is the same for all countries, so the box identification number is not blank, in Russia, these numbers there.
Specify the category of the passport under "type of travel document". Most ordinary civilian passport, but can be of any further service, diplomatic passport of the seaman.
Under home address indicate the address of actual residence. If you registered elsewhere, please attach to the application form a photocopy of the passport with a residence permit.
Do not fill in the item "Permission to return to the country" if you have a valid Russian passport and permanent registration in the homeland. The item is significant for people living in the territory of a foreign country.
Under "Professional activities currently," indicate the data of the employer or its present status, e.g., student, retired, unemployed.
Be sure to specify the main purpose of the trip. No need to paint in detail. Just select the option from the fill pattern.
Fill in the "Country(ies) of destination". Enter the country where you plan to spend most of the time.
In the "Country of first entry" write what country you cross the border of the Schengen area. Not considered a territory, you will drive transit.
In the column "date of entry and exit" select the start date of the first arrival and date of departure from the Schengen area, if a few trips.