Burst vessel: causes

As a rule, cause ruptured blood vessels on the face become Hypo - and avitaminosis (deficiency of vitamins P, C, K); unhealthy diet (abuse of fatty foods, sweets); diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine systems, hormonal medications, including birth control; Smoking; chronic stress; pregnancy; obesity; heavy physical exertion; poor care of the skin (overdrying); tan without protective equipment for the skin; sudden changes in temperature, especially in the presence of congenital predisposing factors.

Vascular injury can be due to heredity. Features of the structure of the skin and the vascular walls are often passed through the female line and can bring a lot of trouble (varicose veins, spider veins, increased vascular permeability, unhealthy face color – pale or, conversely, redness)

What to doif burst blood vessels on the face

Folk remedies, as well as "medical cosmetics" in this case is ineffective. They can help a little to reduce visible defects, but not radically solve the problem. Modern cosmetology has a special techniques, which are able to promptly restore the old skin.

The laser treatment. Laser radiation adheres to the vascular wall and makes the vessel invisible, so as the blood no longer circulates. This method has a high accuracy, does not involve the healthy tissue, leaves no cosmetic flaws.

Vodolechenie. The principle is the same, but the operating agent – pulsed light. The effectiveness of the method is high, but is required to spend a certain number of procedures, and the result only appears in a few weeks.

Electrocoagulation. The same "bonding" of the vessel, just using current. This method is gradually receding into the past, although the effect is quite good and risks are relatively small. But if you have a laser - what to somehow take the risk?

Cryosurgery. Cauterization of the vessel with liquid nitrogen. The effect is good, but there is a lot of beauty risks. In medicine this method is used often, but in cosmetics recently, extremely rare.

Prevention of vascular problems

The mere removal of broken blood vessels on the face does not solve the problem once and for all. It requires an integrated approach that includes identifying and addressing risk factors to prevent recurrence.

In the case of Smoking is to quit this bad habit. Cardiovascular problems while Smoking will only improve, no other measures not able to offset the harm of nicotine.

To normalize the power: to refuse from fast food, caffeine, alcohol, carbonated beverages. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Proper care of the skin. It is important to avoid excessive drying, sun protective means and extremes of temperature. You need to wash with warm water. You should not make rude peels. Be wary of masks and facial. Use only high quality hypoallergenic cosmetics.

You should consult with your doctor about the medicines containing vitamins C, K and R. It will strengthen the vascular wall, reduce "breakage" and increased vascular permeability.