Active components "hilak Forte" normalize microflora, restore the balance of electrolytes and the intestinal mucosa. Also, the tool aligns the level of acidity in the digestive tract. Under the action of the drug and increase protective functions of the body, which is a consequence of the recovery of intestinal flora. The active growth of anaerobic bacteria that occurs during the period of treatment, accelerates the excretion of salmonellas in children.
The use of the drug "hilak Forte" is indicated for the treatment of colitis and gastroenteritis, including atrophic and chronic (senile bowel syndrome). The tool is used when bloating, constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia, and syndrome of insufficiency of digestion. In addition, the drug is used in diseases of the gallbladder and liver, low and high acidity, including in pregnant women. Also drug treatment, "hilak Forte" is used in the final stage of treatment of salmonellosis in adults and children, including toddlers infants.
With antibiotics and sulfonamides, as well as during radiation therapy "hilak Forte" prescribed for the treatment of disorders of the physiological environment of the intestine. Also the medicine is used in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, triggered by climate change. In dermatology, the drug is indicated for skin diseases of allergic origin, particularly in urticaria and chronic eczema, caused by internal reasons.
Drops "hilak Forte" take before or during a meal. The right amount of preparation before use, dilute in a small amount of liquid. This should not dilute the drug in milk. Apply "hilak Forte" should be 3 times a day. The dosage depends on the age of the patient. Adults should take 40-60 drops, children 20-40 drops per reception. Infants should be given 15-30 drops medications. Upon the occurrence of improvements initial dosage "hilak Forte" can be reduced by half.