The right and left hemispheres of the human brain perform different functions: the first is responsible for imagination, creative skills, creative thinking, and the second performs a logical, abstract problem, it is also responsible for language and mathematical skills. Man cannot exist in society if it significantly disrupted the work of one or other hemisphere, but, as a rule, different people have parts of the brain developed differently. Depending on heredity, education, brain training, a person can be better developed one or the other hemisphere, it dominates the second, and takes responsibility for the solution of many problems.
No special medical equipment you can't exactly say which hemisphere the person is better developed and the extent to which it prevails over the second. But there are some fairly simple tests that can detect what part of the brain a person uses in different cases, which helps to set it "proposeront" or "leopairote".
One of the most popular tests – physiological. It checks what part of the body you most commonly use in different situations, and depending on this, suggests how brain works better. The left hemisphere is responsible for right side of body and Vice versa. Fold the arms into the castle and see the thumb of which hand is on top. Now cross your arms on his chest, noting the brush which hand is on top. You can also clap your hands and observe how you prefer to do it – when the top lies right or left hand. Based on these three simple tests you can deduce which hand you use more often. If right, then you have a better developed left hemisphere, if the left – then right. But this method is very approximate, it not allows with great accuracy to reveal how the brain works.
You can use the visual method. There are special pictures and animations that review the hemispheres. You can find them on the Internet, often use the image of the spinning girl. People with developed left hemispheres see that she is spinning clockwise, others think it moves counterclockwise. The more dominated by a particular hemisphere, the harder rebuild your vision and see the girl spinning in the opposite direction.
The most accurate method to determine how your brain works is more extensive tests with questions that help to establish not only which hands you use and as you can see certain pictures, but also your skills in math, language disciplines, art, your habits and preferences. Such texts can be found in the specialized literature or in the Internet. They include such questions as "do you Consider yourself a conservative?", "How well do you navigate the terrain?", "Do you like classical music?", "Do you trust intuition?". Based on the answers we can conclude about which hemisphere of the brain prevails: for the orientation on the terrain meets the left side of the brain, conservatism is also inherent in the people with developed left brain, and "propolene" people have a more developed intuition.