Advice 1: Why the noise in my head

Some people know what discomfort visit them, when the noise in my head. Buzzing in the ears in itself is not a specific disease, it is only a symptom of malfunction in the body.
The noise in my head
The phenomenon of buzzing in the ears can be a symptom of incipient disturbances of the circulation of the brain. If it is not treated, it may develop in a heart attack or stroke in the brain.

In addition, the elderly this condition can occur due to atherosclerosis. That is due to the presence of toxins in the blood vessels going wrong with the blood supply of the brain cells. The appearance of noise in the head can also be caused by the formation of a tumor in the brain.

I should say that almost all people can experience such unpleasant feelings - regardless of age and gender. For example, young people up to thirty years, the cause may be a violation of sound conduction in the middle ear. This problem occurs due to the development of sinusitis or otitis, so it is necessary the examination of the patient by an otolaryngologist.

Examination by an otolaryngologist

During the examination, the specialist will be able to check the permeability of the outer portion of the ear canal. During a routine examination by an otolaryngologist may be the cause, for example, waxy build-up or foreign bodies and, of course, inflammation of the ear. Will be held audiometry, the results of which the specialist will be able to give a precise explanation of the appearance of the problem.

If a strange noise should definitely apply for help to the neurologist. The doctor will assess the condition of the nerves, blood vessels and cervical spine. Based on the survey specialist will establish the exact cause of the noise in my head and suggest a course of treatment. Self-treatment of this disease, like other diseases, you should not do. With the head jokes are not.

In addition to the above reasons for this discomfort, may be another, namely, the intoxication of the auditory nerve with antibiotics, salicylates, diuretics and anticancer drugs, quinine.

Diseases that provoke noise in the head

Noise dissonance in my head cause heart disease and kidney damage, degenerative changes of the cervical spine, Meniere's disease. It could be a concussion with various injuries, even diabetes can cause the phenomenon of noise in the head.

Especially this issue seriously needs to treat people suffering from elevated blood pressure. It is very important for such persons to comply with doctor's orders and stick to your diet, not to provoke an increase in pressure, which can manifest in the form of the noise in my head. The search for the causes of the problem should be made as early as possible, only then the doctors can help the patient to get rid of the noise in my head.

Advice 2 : The causes of ripple and noise in the head

Ripple and noise in the head can occur for various reasons. Often such symptoms are harbingers of a serious disease. Therefore, they cannot be ignored.
The causes of ripple and noise in the head
The most common reason why there are the ripple and noise in my head is stress. Usually these symptoms are intermittent and occur occasionally. To eliminate them, you need to take a sedative herbal for several days according to the instructions. Along with this, it is recommended to include in your diet foods that contain b vitamins, often to relax and to recharge with positive emotions.

The main causes of ripple and noise in the head

Cerebral aneurysms is a major cause of noise and pulsation in the head. Along with these symptoms can be observed pain. Noting this it is important to immediately consult a neurologist. He will prescribe a treatment that will prevent the transition of the aneurysm severe.

Ripple and noise in the head can occur in atherosclerosis. This disease is characterized by the presence in the blood vessels of the brain peculiar obstacles from cholesterol. They interfere with the normal movement of blood. Because of this, I have a strong rumble and ripple. In this disease must be under the supervision of a physician and to take drugs. Then the symptoms cease to occur, and atherosclerosis not go into a severe form that is life threatening.

Vegetative-vascular dystonia is also accompanied by noise and ripple in my head. Usually with this disease experience short-lived episodes of pain. In this case, the receiving vasodilator drugs. In addition, it is necessary to normalize the level of glucose and adrenaline in the blood.

Rare causes of ripple and noise in the head

Less ripple and noise in the head also occur because of disorders in the kidneys. Hold some sort of treatment is impossible without passing examination by an experienced urologist. To reduce the discomfort from the symptoms is recommended to reduce the fluid intake.

Ripple and noise in the head may indicate a disruption in the endocrine system. There is also medical examination is necessary to identify which medication will be effective.

Cervical osteochondrosis in some cases is accompanied by noise and ripple in my head. In addition, in the presence of such disease can be observed numbness of the fingers, dizziness. To get rid of it you need to regularly perform special exercises. Also, a reception of preparations of group of chondroprotectors. They should appoint a doctor after receiving the results of the tests and inspection.
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