You will need
  • furniture stores
Material of chairs should be adjusted to the style of the room in which it will stand. For a suburban balcony perfect wicker rocking chair. Living room with fireplace is an excellent option classic oak or maple chair with cushion. Currently rocking chairs made from willow, cane, bamboo and various woods. You can choose the material based on their preferences, the interior space and funds.
It is desirable to swing the chair back in the shop to check the convenience of sitting in it. The structure of the chair should be firm, with the right kind of rigidity, or it will not be free to wobble. If the chair can be relaxing, it is easy swinging and has successfully maintained a balance when it does not swing, it is a good choice. Remember, you need to be confident in your choice, because the rocking chair is a special object in the house. In it you will be spending a rainy fans, read a book, relax, and therefore should not be the slightest hint of discomfort.
The dimensions of the arms of the chair should be comfortable for your hands.
The stiffness of the seat is selected according to the preferences – soft, elastic or hard seat you like.
Carefully inspect the chair to ensure the integrity of all parts of the chair, especially in the absence of gaps in the weave. Also check the number of joints in the best case, the chair should be one joint.
A new chair can creak when rocking, it makes the varnish, washable fast enough. If you publish the creaking of the chair, it could be a symptom of the defect.