You can get a Moscow residence permit by purchasing their own homes. For registration permanent registration you will need the agreement of sale or certificate of inheritance, you should contact the passport office at the place of future registration. Also, you will need a passport. If you will make a piece of departure from last place of registration, then give it together with other documents to the employee, subject to the registration. If you are not able to be discharged from the last place of residence, the passport office will conduct the operation independently.
Ask for help to relatives or friends. They can register you in his apartment in case if it allow you to make free square meters. You should consider that you will have to pay increased rent for his "accommodation." For registration of residence with relatives or friends, you must come to the passport office with the landlord. You will need the following documents: your passport and passports of all registered persons (and their personal presence), the documents in the apartment, a statement or a contract of uncompensated use of premises, the statement on registration at the place of residence.
If friends and relatives you have not, you can contact the organization granting the residence permit for a certain amount. In this case, you will not be allowed to stay in the apartment in which you are registered. You will need your passport, completed application form and the money. In the passport office you will need to sign a contract with the owner of the home, providing your living space to complete your registration. Turning to the services of such organizations, be careful not to fall for scams. Before making residence, make sure of the legality of actions of employees of the company.