Why the need for the group "Vkontakte"

Group in this social network are created for different purposes. Some users want to share interesting and useful information, someone thus promoting their hobby and some even earn money by creating a public for sale things over the Internet or doing advertising.

How to promote a public "Vkontakte"

To increase the number of users of your public "Vkontakte", you can use a variety of methods. The first method is the following: when creating a new group, you gradually begin to invite their friends. However, the disadvantage of this method is that you can send daily not more than forty invitations. If the limit is exhausted, you can take advantage of banal sending of private messages to all users included in the list of your friends. The message text can be arbitrary, but it must contain a link to your group and request membership. Just be careful: some of your friends may complain about spamming, and it threatens to freeze your page.

The second method is also in the invitation. Just for this you have to visit other popular pages and leave the records on the wall a link to your group and invitation text. The only negative is that the administration of these communities can delete your spam and add you to the blacklist. If you have the opportunity to post links to your group on various thematic forums or in other social networks, use it.

According to the third method, you can negotiate with the administrators of other public servers that have a huge number of subscribers, that they will be engaged in your community. However, such service is rather expensive and depends on the rating and popularity of the group where you want to place information about yourself.

If you have opened the group, selling some products or providing services, to increase the number of subscribers you can have a little contest with prizes. The conditions of competition are joining the group and repost. During the debriefing the winner will be selected by the random number generator and will receive a valuable prize. Announcements of these contests are posted in such public of a city. After summarizing some users may leave your community, but some number of stranded subscribers still remain.