To increase productivity, it is desirable varietal seedlings raspberry to buy from a reliable seller and not to neglect the rules of care for this shrub. Doubters gardeners should be aware that the garter raspberry able to increase the crop from one Bush to 3-4 kg. With proper care, the berries are evenly illuminated by the sun, ripen faster, and seedlings raspberry not fall to the ground under the weight of the berries, under the pressure of rain and wind. Especially requires meticulous care raspberry in the spring and at this time you need to trim old branches and tie the seedlings raspberries on a trellis.



How to tie up raspberries on a trellis

To do this along the row of raspberry need to set the poles of 1.2-1.5 m tall, and they pull a linen thread, twine or wire. On the pillars, you can fill a cross bar with a slight slope. In this case, the area illuminated by the sun, will increase the branches of raspberry will be free. In any case, it is not necessary to impose several branches in one place, you need to place them an equal distance from each other.

Rolling method of the garter

In this case, between two raspberry bushes hammered a stake of sufficient height, the branches are fixed on it sequentially: for half of each Bush. Not to forget the rule about the inadmissibility of shading, positioning the branches of raspberry at a uniform distance from each other. This rule applies to all types of raspberries.

Garter beam

This is the most accessible, simple but not too effective method of trellising raspberries in the spring, as branches connected to the beam, do not get enough light and air, ripening is slowed, increasing the risk of infections. It can be used if resistant to fungal infections in the seedlings of raspberries to buy, but guarantee high yields it will not deliver.

In addition to trellising and pruning, we should not forget about fertilizing and watering – raspberries are very moisture-loving, good irrigation directly affects the quality of the crop.