The main method

First, you need to highlight all the music you want to listen to the game GTA 4, the mouse. Then create a copy of these tracks (right click – copy) and inserted into the folder which is in Local Disk C – Users – "Your account - My documents – Rocstar games – GTA 4 User Music. The folder no need to rename, you just need to move the music. Next you need to run the game and click "Options". In the options select "Audio" and click on the Comlete Scan. After that, the process of uploading your music, which you can see in the lower right corner of the screen. Next we come to the game, sit in any car and choose the radio called "Independence FM". This radio only plays custom music. If desired, you can change the track by pressing the N (next) or B (previous).

An alternative way

This method is much simpler than the original. Go to "Local Disk C" and create a new folder called "music". Press the right button of the mouse on this folder and select "Create shortcut". Rename shortcut to "music" and mix in Users – "Your account - My documents – Rockstar games – GTA 4 User Music. Further, in the "music" folder which is on drive C, move the music you want to hear in the game. Note that in the name of the composition was not Russian letters. Then go in the game and perform "Full scan". To do this, go to "Options" and click on "Comlete Scan"(Full scan). By scanning the game will find all your music and embed them into the game.

Additional options

If you look in the paragraph "Independence FM", which is "Audio", you can easily change the playback of your songs on the radio. There are three modes: "Random", "Radio" and "Consistently". In the "Arbitrary" tracks will be played back in any order. In Radio your songs will also be played in any order, but here prisutstvuet various advertising and replicas of a DJ. By the way, is from your music. In the "Consistently" tracks will be performed in the order in which they are built in the "music" folder. You can easily change the order by renaming the music in "1", "2", and so on.