You will need
  • Beloved, Dildo, her own fingers, a girlfriend.
From a physiological point of view it is a kind of muscle relaxant, which has the effect ten times stronger than when using tranquilizers. Orgasm not only gives you sweet moments of happiness and satisfaction, but also helps the woman to recover after the disease. In the stage of orgasm, many women experience very varied and intense, greatly exceeding the same in men.
Women who are experiencing similar feelings, unanimously describe the General feeling. Orgasm usually starts with the feeling that "the world stopped", focusing in the area of the genitals and clitoris. Often such feelings women have described by the terms "disclosure", "stretching" and "squeezing".
Then there is the feeling of the influx of heat in the genitals, disseminated all over the peritoneum, and then begin vaginal contractions. They have some women apply to the entire pelvic area. These feelings are described by the terms "beating" and "ripple". Such muscle contractions almost always featured as the main sign of the presence of the female orgasm.
Since the range of feelings among most women are quite extensive, much clarity, it is expressed more direct statements: "the Sense of orgasm be described as a feeling of warmth, completely flooding the whole body... After such a General rush of warmth the tension quickly passed the legs, namely the hips, and then covers the suprapubic area, chest and also, of course, the genitals. The clitoris becomes incredibly sensitive. The experience of orgasm is usually associated with many phenomena, among which the favorite partner, other hand full of satisfaction with life."
Often, indirect signs indicating the onset of orgasm, be short the breath, although most found a significant increase in the sinking or, on the contrary, convulsive movement of the muscles of the vagina. They, incidentally, is quite simple to determine if you enter a finger inside. Also indirectly applies a variety of noise support. It is very significant, although sometimes suppressed by spasmodic contraction of the mouth, and there is a biting foreign objects. It happens that the manifestations of orgasm are expressed too weakly, then visually is nearly impossible to determine.