You will need
  • - rubber patch;
  • rubber adhesive;
  • block;
  • - hammer;
  • - solvent;
  • - rags or wadding;
  • - the file;
  • - the skin;
  • - soldering iron and kapron (if necessary).
Prepare a leaky rubber boots to fix. First of all, they should be thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants and completely dry. Then you need to find a suitable patch of rubber. For example, it is possible to cut out the junk rubber shoes or Bicycle tires.
Treat the reverse side of the patch and cut around the break in the boot (front side) with a file, then go over them with a abrasive wheel or coarse sandpaper. It is necessary to inject the bonding surfaces roughness glue better grab.
Wipe the rubber insert and seat holes with solvent or acetone, soaking in a degreasing tool, clean rags or cotton swab. Ensure that the fibres or particles of wool left on the surface.
Trim the edges of the patch to boot, so she was a bit smaller (approximately a few millimeters) sanded rough region. You can now proceed directly to the gluing of the Shoe.
Use glue for rubber surfaces (such as a "great Moment" for rubber or "Rubber"). Well, if you will have the opportunity to consult with an experienced Shoe master, buy professional adhesive composition according to the Council.
Read the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer and be sure to stick to. Put on the patch and the area of holes in a thin layer and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on the requirements on the adhesive packaging). Some master make spreading the glue twice, both times a little drying with it.
Strongly press bonded surfaces. You can pull the boot on a pad or on a piece of wood and tapped the patch with a hammer. However be careful it didn't move. Do not use patched boots earlier than in a day.