To leave or to stay - that is the question

After learning about her husband's betrayal, you will likely react very emotionally. This is a natural reaction, but we must try to cool down as soon as possible. Strong emotions make people blind, and you now need to think sensibly.

First, you need to define your feelings for your husband. Now you are bitter and hurt, but do you love him still? To ease the process of reflection, write down on paper the pros and cons.

If the relationship was long and painful conflict, most likely you decide to leave. The feeling's gone, the man most likely went in search of a new love.

Many women realize that abruptly lost interest in my husband after his act. The husband becomes disgusted with them in the mind constantly emerging picture of infidelity. Most likely, in this case, it also will not be able to return to the relationship.

But if the love is still strong, to lose a close and dear person terrible – it remains a good work.

How to return the light to the relationship

The most important thing – not to sink into self-pity and canonicalize reasoning, this will kill your self-esteem. We must clearly realize that change occurred is impossible.

A big mistake is the desire to take revenge on her husband in the same coin. This is hardly a reasonable solution, such an act is even stronger coming back from that.

You can try to change something in your relationship, to reach a qualitatively new level. You need to understand relationship problems don't come from nowhere. If the husband did this, he was dissatisfied with something in your relationship.

Analyze the specific situation of infidelity, to extract from it a lesson. The easiest would be to understand the causes of one-time infidelity. One-time cheating is likely to speak about a problem of the monotony of family life, desire for fresh sensations.

If infidelity occurred regularly to rectify the situation will be much more difficult. It is based on a deep contradiction and inconsistency of your relationship at this point in time. To find out these reasons, it is best to seek the services of a professional psychologist.

Family psychologist will prescribe you a joint therapy sessions. Only it is not necessary to hope for the psychologist and behave passively. Psychologist only promotes awareness of the problem and not dictating ready-made answers.

Very common causes for change are unsatisfactory sex life, lack of spiritual affinity, the output of household things to the fore, the lack of common interests. Most likely these points will point you to a psychologist.