Let the tears be shed. Cry as much as you can. Do it at a time without stretching and not alluring to his depression. Let out steam, will drop the veil of anger, aggression, arrogance, poison-green with anger. You need to calm down, to begin to think and then to act.
Did you know that spouse you cheated or is cheating. Make sure in this as much as can be possible. Try to find out who this woman is, what she represents. How long is this novel, how serious he is if he knows about the booze the husband of someone of our mutual friends – find the answers to these questions.
Now it's time to dig in yourself. Think, what is the reason for infidelity: a crisis of family life, the result of long-faded feelings, accumulated domestic or financial problems, lack of attention on your part, and the like. Try to understand that was the impetus for your spouse that he started a relationship on the side.
Talk to your husband. Do not cry, do not throw accusations and vases at the same time. Its version, you have already made (mentally), now listen to his opinion. Do not press on the wife, calmly get to the truth no matter how bitter it was.
Decide for yourself what you more: to keep the family together and to build relationships or to send a loved one far away. If you close the second option, then, without hesitation, request your spouse to collect their things and vacate the area. You will be able to forgive him when he leaves eventually. The faster on your way to meet a new Prince on a white horse, the easier it is to forgive a past betrayal. You will perceive the past as a necessary step for a brighter future. Still say thank you to someone who once betrayed you.
If you believe that your family must give another chance, then do. Fight, his aggression into a fist, sending the negative energy to a good cause, of action. Remember all the things that attracted your spouse, when you just started Dating. Point full potential to create a "new you", better than before thousands of times. Improve yourself, become ideal not only for wife but also for potential suitors. Flirt lift your mood and give nourishment to work in the same direction.
Remember the betrayal of themselves and remind the spouse. The next time your suspicion and the desire to tighten the collar of a spouse, take a break, relax and smile. Chase away such thoughts.
Make a man to achieve your location. Sexual relations will have to recover the pieces, you may they will not be very pleasant for some time. The best advice: make love when you want, not the spouse. The man must try to seduce you, just like the very first time. The shadow of the third wheel in bed will remind about the incident until, until you established a basic trust.