If you knew about the affair your loved one, don't make a scene of jealousy. Hide the resentment, though it is very hard to forgive betrayal. In a quiet environment, talk to your partner. Find out why this happened. Perhaps your behavior prompted him to take a wrong step. Often men cheat on women because were tired of reproaches, scandals.
Often young people taking such an extreme step as a betrayal, when the baby comes. In such a difficult period woman all my love, attention gives small. And the man also needs care, understanding. So think about how you treat your second half. Analyze their behavior. Put yourself in his place. Of course, it is difficult to find any disadvantages. But try to do it, because we are talking about the preservation of the family.
To change traits that are not satisfied with your man. If you are intolerant, cold woman, make gentle, calm. If you know what began to look worse with the advent of the baby, go to the hairdresser and make a beautiful hairstyle. Go shopping, pick a nice clothes. Prepare a nice dinner and stand in front of her boyfriend in a new way. It is possible that your relationship will move to another level, and betrayal will be left behind.
If your other half repented of perfect act, give her a chance to mend. Try to forget the offense, because only wise people can save the relationship.
When you understand that you can not forgive infidelity, it is better to break off the relationship. In fact, every time a loved one you can imagine how he was with another woman. After parting endured a period when you will be very bad without the second half. Look to the future, believe only in good. After all, you are building your life. And with the person who betrayed you, a strong family can be created.