Cameras Canon and Sony can be as digital cameras and SLR devices. In the first case we are talking about small cameras, designed exclusively for Amateur photography. The second is the cameras that are used for a variety of photographs.
It is worth considering that the quality of modern cameras is at a high level and can make high-quality photos, using Amateur camera.

And Canon camera, Sony camera can be divided into 3 groups:
advanced Amateur;

Cameras Canon

Choosing the camera brand Canon in the first place look at the letters and numbers that indicate which model is in front of you. The smaller the numbers, the more advanced the model, the wider its functionality.

Modern Canon camera, even those that belong to the category of advanced professional, have great possibilities. For example, they have a swivel touchscreen display, fast shot the whole series, great movies.

In addition, Canon has a good focus. This allows the camera to handle, even when shooting in challenging conditions and at night. As for the quality of the video, you need to look at the model. Of course, a little dish soap will remove on poriadok worse Amateur prosumer cameras.
There are experts who claim that high-quality video on the Canon can only be obtained when using professional camera models. Have Amateur the mechanism is not adapted for focusing with a raised mirror.

Cameras Sony

Sony cameras also have a wide variety of models. This and small cameras, which use fans, and soap dish with removable lens and digital SLR camera. Each type has its own advantages. But in General they all have high quality images, reliability of the device and its durability.

Using a Sony camera, according to experts, it is possible to realize even the most bold creative idea.

One of the advantages of Sony technology, designed for fans, name the price cameras. It is quite inexpensive and affordable for most of customers.

Sony uses the latest technology, such as improved SmileShutter and face detection, allowing you to get even more quality pictures and reduces the probability of obtaining the curves of smiles and blurry pictures.

To determine which of the units is Canon or Sony better, is almost impossible. After all, the basic functionality they are the same: photos and video recording, timer, removing red-eye etc. But the nuances of every user chooses for themselves. For example, if a person is only concerned with the photography and video he didn't need him to be still that from Canona Amateur video quality is not very good.

Mostly every brand has its fans, and they choose the camera based on your own preferences, not by studying the opinions and views of others. The only thing they can compare is specifications of certain models.