Pay attention to the size of the matrix digital camera. This parameter is responsible for the ultimate picture resolution, and the higher the value, the more pixels will contain the. However, the difference when shooting a camera with a lower resolution and a camera with a high value of this parameter will be visible only when printing photos in larger formats.
For Amateur photography and printing photos in the usual format of 10 x 15 is enough camera even with 4 MP, whereas most modern Amateur cameras equipped with a matrix with a resolution of over 12 Megapixels.
Keep in mind the physical size of the matrix, which determines how large dynamic range and high sensitivity are inherent in the camera. The higher the rate, the less digital noise on the pictures taken in low light conditions.
Amateur cameras of the matrix have a size of 1/2,3” - budget models to 1/1,6” – top. It should be noted that the resolution of the matrix and its physical size are interrelated: the quality of the final images, the worse the more mega pixels you have per unit area of the matrix. That is, the increased resolving ability of the matrix with consistently small, its size does not increase image quality.
Mind you, what options the camera has for shooting distant objects. About this camera can be judged by the parameter of the zoom ratio. The device with the highest values the multiplicities should be selected if you want to use it for shooting distant objects. In other cases, this value may be unnecessary. For a compact budget camera with enough magnification in the range of 5-8x.
An important role when choosing the camera can play different shooting modes and their number. With the help of automatic modes aspiring photographers may not think about the camera settings. Manual modes, in turn, will help advanced users to adjust shutter speed, aperture and other settings. For most Amateur devices are standard modes "Portrait", "Sports", "Landscape", "Children" and "Night shot". Manual modes can be represented as "Manual", "aperture Priority", "shutter Priority".