When choosing a digital SLR cameraand pay attention to the optics. Remember that rent is not the cameraand the lens. So if you have thoughts to buy an expensive camera with a cheap lens, throw them away. Start with a base configuration, to later buy additional lenses for "effects". Do not stint and buy a SLR camera known manufacturer. Even though it will cost more, but in doing so you insure yourself against possible problems with the purchase of lenses and other accessories.
Another good tip is to not bother much with the ergonomics. Each of us has some capacity of learning. Over time, you will remember the interaction of all these buttons, cogs and wheels. Of course, I want to work with convenience, but convenience is only manifested over time. So think about camera size and weight.
There are still a few rules that you should know before you choose an SLR camera. To your friends and visitors to the forums have spoken, feel free to choose the mirror camera of initial level, despite the manufacturer's. The differences between them, except that in cost.
If you pay more attention to the functional part, remember that most of the "bells and whistles" for beginners SLR cameras (such as optical stabilizer, menu prompts, gaming moments) are present in the models of brands Sony and Olympus. Similar models from Canon and Nikon are more expensive, but they are configured more serious. If you don't want to pay a lot, buy less expensive models, but pay attention to the manufacturer. As already mentioned, buy the cameraand a known brand will provide you with an easy selection and purchase of accessories for apparatus in the future.
Think carefully before buying a DSLR camera. Shopping, "poryskat" on the Internet. Evaluate each model you are interested in. Find out all the pros and cons of this model and then decide which of the benefits is more important to you and which cons are most undesirable. Understand that the solution to the problem of choosing a digital SLR cameraand lies on the surface. Making a sober analysis, you will certainly find it.