There are 3 varieties of classic SLR cameras: Amateur, semi-professional and professional. To choose one or the other type follows from the functionality that you expect from the camera the quality of images and the target category.

Amateur models

Amateur cameras are often called "compacts". Compared to other cameras "soap" give the lowest quality images, which will often be enough to, for example, to capture the events of a journey abroad or a party with friends.

All pictures taken with Amateur cameras will be clear enough. The advantage of these cameras is their ease of use, compactness, ease of use. A good factor in favor of choosing the "soap" will be the price that may start from $80 dollars and not to exceed $600 in dear members of the class.

Some new generators have removable lenses that allow, if necessary, to get a better quality frame, for example, when shooting portraits. The quality of these cameras can be compared with more expensive professional cameras budget.
Purchase the camera only in the official shops of the manufacturer.

If you decide to buy Amateur device, pay attention towards the products of firms such as Sony, Olympus and Nikon, which are essentially the same device, the difference is the design and the menu interface. A wide range of high quality cameras released by Sony, which also pays a lot of attention and form factor of its devices.

Semi-professional and professional cameras

These machines are intended for people who are already familiar with photography and want to really get quality pictures that will not only be a reminder about an important event in their lives, but a small work of art. Such cameras are well suited for people whose activity is directly related to the shooting of any event, portraits or landscapes.

High-end cameras in this segment are the devices of Canon, Nikon and Sony. Almost any price range you can find a machine that will meet your needs. It is worth noting that the camera functionality of each of these producers is similar, and the approximate cost.
The price of professional cameras of these manufacturers starts from $1500 and can be restricted only by the size of the purse of the buyer.

A good semi-professional camera can be found from manufacturers such as Olympus, Pentax and Leica. When selecting the unit, you should pay special attention to known brands, because they, as a rule, the easiest way to find the necessary lenses and parts.