To start is to decide what color eyes do guys like. Of course, all individually, but still the first impression is the hue of the eyes may play a key role.
Modern men believe that brown eyes have a special attraction and expressiveness. Especially if they contrast with the delicate skin color and bright whites.
Blue eyes also will impress the opposite sex. At least because of its seeming innocence. To get the blue color was too faint, it is recommended to draw the eyes and paint the lashes mascara. But it is not necessary to notify the man.
Green eyes associated with the witch, this color has some advantage over blue and brown. With such eyes it is very easy to attract a man, even if you're not his type.
To definitively say which a woman's eyes you prefer men, you should look into the issue further. It is known that guys don't like it when girls pile makeup. But representatives of the stronger sex like expressive look. To please them, you can resort to using makeup wisely. If the nature of women, blond hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, the eyes will blend with the skin. You must create a contrast between them and hair. You can use the pencil or paint for eyebrows, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. Most importantly, apply cosmetics, to get a man to believe in the naturalness of female beauty.
To understand what eye push men away, not enough to determine the color and make-up. We must remember that the look of the sides looking for support, a silent encouragement and warmth. Therefore, if a woman indifferent, cold and sharp glance, then it is not necessary to claim the attention and favor members of the opposite sex. Men admitted that even a slight fullness is not a deal breaker if the girl has a cheerful and friendly eyes.
Also do not cause men any emotion at the sight of a beaten dog. Women should remember that the victims are not seduces and repels. Pity is a weapon guys. And the representatives of the stronger sex prefer to conquer self-confident, hot ladies.
So, to answer unequivocally, what the female eye prefer men very difficult. But the woman won't lose, if you make use of natural makeup, and also to Express the kindness and warmth.