If a friend is what material, practical gift to surprise him will be difficult. There is only one output - enable imagination, which to some extent is each person. My favorite and a win-win - photo collage from magazine clippings. Bought a large photo frame, what would she more, the brighter the effect of the gift. Under frame size chosen paper. Now take an old stack of magazines and begin to slowly, carefully flipping, cutting out those labels and pictures, with which is associated the other. In this process it is possible to connect all households, especially children. It is interesting and useful.

Now, paste the clippings on a piece of paper, leaving no white spaces. The whole paper needs to be tight-tight plastered with clippings. Also you can add a friend's photo or the poem-congratulations.

Such a gift your friend will never forget! The memory of a lifetime - check!
You can order another shirt/mug/pillow with your joint photos and some funny lettering. Also memorable original gift that your friend will hardly guess myself to buy. Also a memorable gift!
Can be mounted to other videos or to shoot a special film interview with other friends. To videos-survey: how they relate to the birthday boy and what do you wish him this day. Put touching slices to your favorite music each original gift is ready!
Bake him a beautiful cake with his name and Birth date. No matter how tempted was no man, he seldom can resist the outstanding culinary delights, the more homemade, the more from the heart your loving friend!