What is thermofiber

Thermafiber is a synthetic material. It is obtained by combing up hair fabric and its further processing in the thermo-stove be discharged. This treatment allows to fix the fiber in position. Material used as insulation for clothing and blankets. Its advantage is the ability to keep the form, it does not cake over time, as a normal synthetic winterizer. Thermofiber - modern insulation of the new generation. Was designed specifically for children, because they need to clothing at the same time was warm and easy. Part of the insulation consists of polyester fiber, they give greater heat retention, softness and elasticity. The fibers are hollow, which increases the insulating property of the canvas, as the air has a high conductivity.
Need to be concerned about your baby. To give preference to overalls and jackets of non-toxic material. In this dress it is easy for children to have an active lifestyle, not afraid to fall in a puddle or sweat heavily.

The choice of the Russian manufacturers

Many Russian companies use thermofiber when sewing winter clothes: BIBON, Lemming, QUARTET. The choice in favor of this material was not made with a simple: thermafiber - environmentally friendly product. Besides, it is worth noting another advantage of the filler - it is absolutely non-allergenic. This is particularly important if the person decided to buy a new mattress, blanket, sleeping bag. Proper organization of the bed - the guarantee of health.
From the conditions in which a person is resting, depends for its emotional, physical condition.

Customer questions

Buyers often wonder whether the warm winter clothes based on thermofiber. According to reviews, the jacket is really warm even in the cold winter. Must not scare small thickness and lightness. Thermofiber even used in the construction of scafandro as teplopoterjah material. Unlike down, modern insulation is very resistant to washing, deformation. After a long socks and numerous tests with moisture, frost thermofiber retains all its wonderful properties. He doesn't roll into a ball, and water absorbs 10% less than the batting and Thinsulate, so the drying rate it much higher. The material has excellent ventilating qualities.