First, you need to go to the website Russian page of the site. At the top there are several buttons: "Login", "Register", "My account" and others. To create a personal page click on "Register".

The questionnaire

In the opened window you need to enter only your email address is registered with any service. Then click "Next". Now you need to fill in a few fields of the questionnaire. The most important thing is to choose your Origin ID, because it will appear to friends and enemies in the game. When you enter a nick selected, click a different field profiles in order to see this ID or not. It is important that the field appears green font: "This ID is available". Then you need to choose and enter a password, and then repeat the input. Don't forget to choose a secret question and answer, so you can regain access to your account if you forget your password. Otherwise it would be a shame to lose so much energy, for example, the home improvement in the Sims, but because of the loss of a password to start all over again.

You will also need to specify the country in which you live and your birth date. Below you have to enter letters from the image, and specify whether you want to receive newsletter company. Put a tick in the paragraph that you accept the privacy policy and terms of service of EA. After completing all fields click "Next". Now you can add in your profile a real name, and upload a photo.

Account access

Now the account is registered, and the system takes you back to the main page of Origin. Here you can use the account for all games from Electronic Arts, for example, Battlefield, the Sims, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Dragon Age 2 etc. After the registration the site Origin will not be asked to confirm the email address that you register an account, so be most careful when filling out this field in order to activate a page on someone else's Inbox.

Electronic Arts reserves the right to delete your account which was not active for 24 months.

Origin in the last 5 years has changed several names. First service was called EA Downloader, and then it was renamed EA Store. It should be noted that all accounts created on any of these resources, at the moment migrated in Origin and function to the fullest.