Check whether you have Microsoft account

If you are thinking about creating such an account, check whether you are already one of the Microsoft services like OneDrive, Skype,, Hotmail or Windows Phone. If so, then your credentials in the system are e-mail address and password that you use to sign in to one of these services. Thus, you already have an account with Microsoft and with it you can log in to other services of the system to synchronize their profiles in social networks Facebook, Twitter and Google to purchase apps from the Microsoft store and create a cloud storage in OneDrive for storing and sharing documents and photos.

If you experience any problems, such as loss of password, you can restore data via the linked email address or create a new account "Microsoft" on the basis of the already registered addresses in any email system or newly created mailbox in the system.

Create a new account based on their email address or from scratch

To create a new account Microsoft using your permanent email address, point your browser to the page and click "Register" in the bottom right quarter of the page. This opens the page "create an account". Fill out the form, the field "user Name" enter your e-mail address, create a strong password. For better data protection, enter the phone number. Reliable data about the date of birth is also required, this information will help to restore access if you forget your password. Confirm the characters of the verification code and click "Create account".

Registration takes a few seconds. During these seconds, your Inbox will receive a letter from technical support of "Microsoft" with a request to confirm the email address by clicking the link in the email. Then you will be automatically directed to your account, in the section "General information" which displays your name and personal data.

In order to create an account from scratch and at the same time register a new mail address in the "Microsoft" on the page "create an account" click the link "Or get a new email address under "user Name". Think of your own username (the system will determine the availability ' and select one of two variants of domain names for email addresses: or