The most natural although not the cheapest way to get acquainted with a foreigner is the language tourism. If you go to a country where all people speak the target language, not only will you have a huge number of possibilities for communication, but, most likely, start a lot of Dating, maintaining that, you will improve your knowledge. You can go to another country, pre-selecting a language course, it will further enhance the efficiency of language learning. According to the experience of studying the language of the people, in another country, in live communication, the level rises much faster than even under the most intensive study of the language at home.
Those who for various reasons cannot afford to go abroad to learn the language, you may find foreigners to chat online. A very good resource for this is the Couchsurfing site. To access the database of the website need to register on it. Then you can invite travelers from countries that interest you from a linguistic point of view, but if you're not ready to call someone to your house, then you can specify in the profile that you will be happy to meet and show you the city. Many travelers coming to Russia, upset that I can't communicate with the locals, since very few Russian people know at least English. You can be sure that your desire to practice your knowledge will allow you to meet very interesting people. This method is especially good for big cities where a lot of tourists from around the world.
A great way to find aliens who will seek not just to communicate with you and improve your language – is a special service established for this purpose. The most popular include:
- Polyglot
- StumbleUpon.
- Busuu
To use any of these sites, it is necessary to register. Specify only the languages that you learn, but those that you are willing to teach others, as a resource primarily involves mutual support. Then you can search for people by language, country, city, age, sex and other parameters. When you choose a few people with whom you want to communicate, send each of them a message. Here, as with normal Dating, you need to cause some interest in a person, because learning takes place in conversations on various topics, and if you have nothing to talk about, nothing happens.
At the very least you can try to find someone to talk to through the Internet. You can use social networks (Myspace, Facebook) and messaging programs (icq, msn, Skype). You need to register in the program or social network, and then to begin the search. You can filter the parameters by language, which the person specifies as a mother, there are other filter option: city of residence, name and other settings for each social network they own.