In learning a foreign language communication plays a vital role. It is possible to know several thousand words, study thoroughly all the rules, to master the phonetics and... silent. Silent not because they do not speak the language in a rather conceptual sense, but simply because they are shy and are unable to compete it is a common phenomenon. Alas, a sin, and in strength of character. To help to ensure their own forces are able, the Internet and the resources in it.

Looking for brothers and sisters in language

What is it for you? It is clear that for language learning. Another question, why do Americans interact with you? For the same! If you are learning a foreign language, and other people can have the same hobby or necessity. You will always find like-minded people for whom your native language is a subject of study, and you will be able to better learn the language of the interlocutor. So:
Not every first site of language communication worthy of attention. Favorites requires analysis and screening.

• - German forum about America and Americans. A lot of interesting news and you can ask questions, find answers – chat.
• - a wonderful website for many fans of different languages. Including American English. Here the native speakers teach each other the subtleties of the possession of the last.
• - here you can chat via video, voice, chat and chat... make new contacts that can lead to marriage. But most importantly, you will be able to learn the language!
• - good Russian-speaking participants in a network of language exchange. A lot of useful information, user friendly interface, fans languages. Americans here not so much, but they also come across.
• foreign penpal. Some ancient way to communicate, implemented on a computer basis. However, to improve your grammar can be very good.

Not always the language being studied

If you speak the language sufficiently, but just want to know more about America and Americans, then you can use a site like Manners, customs, news – all at your service.
Not only for the sake of language it is possible to seek dialogue with the Americans, but just for the sake of communication

And to learn the fate of our compatriots in America, you can always on the website Russian on Russian in Russian- friendly interface, clear information, good presentation.