First and foremost, remember that before each class, on the running track must have a warm-up. Make the rotational movement of the body, stretch the hip and shoulder joints, be sure to warm up the knees.
If possible, use an uneven rhythm on the Jogging track. This will provide maximum load on the muscles. If this mode is not provided, change it manually. First set slow mode, average, switch to five or ten minutes fast, and then - again on average. Switch between medium and fast pace in order to achieve maximum results increase stamina and weight loss.
Be sure to observe the correct diet: avoid heavy and fatty foods, try to limit yourself to meat and sweet. Drink more water to compensate for fluid loss in training. Do not eat anything for a half hour before and half an hour after the workout. Do not eat anything after six in the evening, in case of strong hunger do dried fruits or vegetables. It is advisable to train on the Jogging track in the evening to burn all the calories accumulated during the day, minimizing the number of in the body.