Hops favorably with other climbing plants for fast growth. For the second half of June he was able to decorate the land. To plant hops preferably near the fence, gazebos, porches and other outbuildings. This plant not only performs a decorative function. Young shoots and hop cones can be used for cooking and medicinal decoctions and infusions.
When selecting a location for planting hops is important to consider the fact that in the spread it can kill neighboring plants. To plant strong does not shade the house, plant it better in 1.5 m from the window, periodically pruning the grown shoots. Care hops involves abundant watering and fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizers. When the plant reaches 0.5 m, it needs to establish support and garter.
The formation of the crown of hops, consider that the plant grows best in a vertical direction. By late summer, it begins to lose its aesthetics. Lower leaves turn yellow and gradually fall off. To solve the problem with the bare bases of the stems can be planted next to the hops other plants that remain green until the autumn (astilba, peony, ferns, etc.).
Hops are propagated by seeds and cuttings, however, a more convenient method is propagation through rhizomes. This should be done in autumn or spring. Because the rhizomes hops fibrous, the easiest way to share them with shears. Plants covered with thorns, so working with them should be wearing clothes with long sleeves and gloves.
When growing hops problems can occur in dry and hot weather. These are ideal conditions for the appearance of aphids. To avoid the invasion of these insects, the plant should be treated with insecticides in early summer. If aphids still appear, you need to resort to spraying hops stronger drugs. When handling it should be borne in mind that insects congregate on the underside of the leaves.
Lack of nutrients can affect the appearance of the plants. In case of phosphorus deficiency the leaves become bronze, with a shortage of potassium – convex. Pale and small leaves typical of plants under nitrogen deficiency.
In General, hops unpretentious. In a relatively short period of time it can capture a huge plot of land. With this plants can beautify unsightly areas of the garden to make a hedge or just a beautiful wall house. A few days after planting of rhizomes and their irrigation, the hops gradually begins to grow on any soil, requiring no special action.